OFFSHORE DUO is a much loved guitar and cello duo featuring Dmitri Shapira and Serena Jost. They perform a wide range of material, ranging from classical pieces to waltzes to originals to jazz standards. The combination of the two warm-sounding instruments playing these diverse styles makes the duo especially adaptable for events, weddings, parties and other gatherings. Offshore carefully tailors music selections to manifest the vision of the people they work with. They happily perform many styles in a variety of settings! 

New York City and Tri-State Region
Rates and reference available upon request
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Guitarist Dmitri Shapira performs highly improvised music on an eclectic repertoire. From Ellington to Hendrix, Dmitri draws upon a wide array of source material. The harmonic density of  Olivier Messiaen can be heard alongside the languid lyricism of Billie Holiday, with an ornamental approach informed by his study of Hindustani music. Fundamental to his technique is the inspiration he receives from non-guitarists, leading to a decidedly unguitaristic approach to the instrument. Influenced by a wide range of styles, Dmitri blends elements of jazz, Indian and western classical music into one original sound. 

“Dramatic shifts between harsh and low strumming reflect in scurrying hand positions. Shapira bridges his interpretations with restless musical questioning.”  - Jon Babu, Northeast Performer 

“Dmitri’s music is mature, beautiful, and slightly spiritual...his music, bent notes, other sounds and handling of melodies, come deeply from within.” -Ran Blake, pianist/composer

Serena Jost writes and performs songs that are at turns seductive, edgy, affecting, and otherworldly.  A dynamic singer and cellist with a hauntingly beautiful voice, she is a unique performer whose music evokes vivid emotional landscapes.  In addition to her work as a songwriter, she has performed in small ensembles and improvisational groups and recently led a 50-cello ensemble on Governor's Island. She especially enjoys working with Dmitri Shapira in Offshore Duo.

“Serena Jost writes gently eccentric songs and sings them in an elegant alto, often accompanying herself on cello. The term art song—normally tied to 19th-century concert music—usefully characterizes Jost’s carefully arranged pieces and succinct lyrics, neither quite rock nor folk” —Time Out NY.

"It was as if she stepped off a cliff into the musical abyss–and lived to tell" 

"a collection of composed and improvised pieces that marry her distinctive playing style with her otherworldly voice." KMUW (NPR Witchita) Jedd Beaudoin 


OFFSHORE DUO SAMPLER, performed by Dmitri Shapira & Serena Jost